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UK Fire & Rescue Services

UK Fire & Rescue, major user of HT Series portable for their front line fire fighting requirements


Port of Aqaba

Jordan’s Port of Aqaba has invested in HT800 Series to support the next stage of its show–case development and modernisation plan.


Total E&P Indonesia

World’s 4th largest oil producer Total chooses the HT886T commercial grade trunking portable for its harsh working environment


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Established in 1995, the Entel group designs and manufactures business critical radio communications equipment. Owning and managing both the Research & Development and Manufacturing functions, ensures that Entel has a deserved reputation for exacting standards of innovation, quality and excellence. With a Global footprint, Entel has a wide and varied customer base across a variety of vertical markets including Government and Defence, Oil and Gas and Marine.

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    New IMO SOLAS Regulation

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    Philippine Army

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    Italy's National Fire Corps adopts bespoke Entel radios

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