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Advanced Voice, Data and Call Recording

Recorder is a smart, reliable and easy-to-use Entel software solution for secure recording, rapid voice replaying and data communications in the Entel network. It is designed to help organisations to keep the records and enhance their mission-critical responses.

Recorder provides a great set of tools to sort, search and replay voice records, view the messages’ history and monitor user activity in the channels. Furthermore, Recorder grants the ability to analyse user movements based on the GPS location history.

In order to keep data secure, all the data and voice records are stored on the E-PoC or P1 server. Recorder also provides an opportunity to backup all voice communication on a local drive.

Recorder is designed to be a user-friendly application and grants the possibility to easily navigate through the software’s GUI. The software is set up to make monitoring and collecting data easy for anyone to use, thus you do not have to be tech savvy. Everyone will benefit from the fact that it is designed to suit the consumer’s needs with ease.

Recorder - Advanced Voice, Data and Call Recording

GPS Recording
An operator can quickly access the movement history and keep tracking the selected user. The coordinates are displayed with reference to the time of change. Recorder has the ability to export popular GPS data formats (such as CSV) for importing data into the mapping software, such as Google Earth or any other similar software to create a 2D virtual artwork on a large scale.

Login Changing
View the history of login changes. Allows to keep tracking of what point in time the user data has been modified.

Individual and Group Call Recording
It is available for Recorder users to track and export every individual and group call to the PC. The call data is also available - time, duration, channel data, login and alias. This data can be provided by both, calling user and accepting user.

Emergency Call Recording
With the function of tracking and recording every emergency call, all the emergency calls can be examined for compliance with applicable procedures in critical situations. Displays the data for each call with a possibility to export it.

Channel Changing
View the user’s movements through the channels. This feature allows you to track the user’s actions, the titles and time of the visited channels.

Connection Stats
View login history of clients - Smartphone App or Dispatcher. Allows you to know the exact time of user’s login and logout.

Message Recording
View data about all written communication on a server. Recorder users can view the sender and recipient information as well as read the text of each message. All emergency messages are highlighted by red to quickly evaluate a severity status. It is possible to export the text message or transferred file to a local drive.

Data Export
Recorder has the ability to export all data in CSV format and download the recordings in wav file format.

Please note

There are two main data formats that Recorder can use to export the data – CSV and WAV. You can choose the place for exporting the data to your hard drive by clicking the button EXPORT.

  • CSV file format is intended for exporting the data from tabs – GPS, Channel Changes, Names, Connection Stats, Individual and Group Calls, Messages and Emergency Calls. All this data exports in tabular form. CSV file format requires a relatively small disk space.
  • WAV file format is used for exporting audio recordings. The file size is about 10 Mb for a minute of a recording.

Please calculate the size of the disk according to this information and your specific needs.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating system Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8 32/64, Windows 10 32/64
Processor Processor with minimum 2GHz clock frequency
System memory 4Gb RAM
Hard drive memory 300Gb
Display Standard color display
Network / Data Standard network card
Positioning GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS
Audio Audio interfaces for loudspeakers and microphone

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